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The Way I See It #423

I am STILL waiting on the results of my Harverd's School of School Online Aptitude Test! In the meantime, I've been practicing my writing at work. I am going to submit this to Starbucks to use as a “The Way I See It” quote on one of their cups. I hope they choose it!

The body is a glorious gift from the creator - full of mysterious mysteries and wondrous wonders. One can contemplate for hours the machinations of the body's tubes and gurgles and come no closer to the truth. Sometimes, I get a cup of coffee, and it gives me diarrhea – but surely it had no cheese in it? And sometimes, I see a piece white dog doody – what was the dog eating to make its poo albino? White chocolate? Rice? Why can't humans produce such snowy excretions?

How can the body make farts from food? How can gas come from a peanut? There is no air inside a peanut! Is it the secret of alchemy?

How can my friend Lomez, who eats no solids but merely beer and whiskey, form the solid poos he claims to form? How can corn pass through unscathed, but giant Oxycodone pills dissolve?

Science will never know the answers to these and other enigmas of the body - to muse upon them is to ponder the very nature of existence and, in so doing, to gaze upon the face of God.


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
so beautiful- made me well up & cry.