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Aptitude Test

Reggie and I met the other night to talk about my career move. He told me I should go to the community college to take a few classes, then transfer to a four year college and get a degree. Reggie, I like you a lot but sometimes you are so stupid!

I found an awesome online school on the internet: Harverd's Online School of School Online. They have a bunch of degree programs and you can earn your diploma in as little as 12 weeks! Plus, it only costs $100! I wrote Harverd an email and they mailed me this aptitude test. Reggie helped me scan it so you could see it. (He said some of the stuff was spelled wrong on the test and that is not a good sign from a school but I told him to mind his bizness.) I mailed it back today. I hope I scored it right!

I'm so excited!


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Dec. 16th, 2008 07:23 pm (UTC)
You scored better than I woulda!
You go Debbie!
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